“When you don’t have a way to do what you love, just make one” 

Hey Guys…

I’m an Enthusiast just like you but with 2 crazy friends for life with an unquenchable thirst for Adventure, Gadgets, Traveling, Latest Tech, and whatever exciting’s going on right now.

But the thing I love the most about it is sharing and leading you to all these hot stuff.


> Adventurous things you should try at least once in your boring Life.
> Beautiful Travel Destinations that you’d love to travel.
> Latest Tech that makes you a next Gen Geek.
> Gadgets you’d die to buy.
> Exciting, Sexy Events that are coming up. You’ll definitely love to Experience.

And some Inspiration with my terribly terrible experience [or you can call it whatever you want].

It just makes me feel so damn happy and light-hearted to share all these exciting things with another Super Enthusiast like you.

Very short story about us :

Once they used to call us ‘nerds’, now they ask for our opinion.

I seriously doubted that you would come here to know more… Well, not anymore. Since you are curious enough to find out more about us.

Let me tell you my little secret about travel destinations.

I haven’t started my super exciting travel life yet. But that could not stop me from writing about the most beautiful travel destination on Planet Earth.

“When you don’t have a way to do what you love, Just make one” and don’t you dare hesitate to do that just because of the fear of failure (or) criticism (or) discrimination from the haters.

These things never even bothered me. I searched and searched very hard in my place for the travelers who’d love to travel and sit with them for hours to feel what the place actually felt like with their experienced description. And get the 100% efficient information about the place from them.

And with their permission, I’d visualize myself there with my friends, having felt the experience in my heart. I’d, ink my feelings about the place to make you feel what I felt about the beautiful Destination.

And Don’t you worry, you’ll be reading about our own Awesome experience very soon… pal…