Best DSLR Camera ‘Canon EOS 1500D’ For Beginners And Travelers :

If you are a photoholic and passionate about ‘Capturing the moments’ at the tip of your finger.

Canon 1500d

You are unique to ‘The World of Art’. In my words, you are ‘Noah’ of the ‘Ark of Photography’.

But just the passionate photographer isn’t really an asset to ‘the world of Still Beauty’ without a real camera.

Well, nowadays… Smartphones Cameras are overwhelmingly popular compared to the digital cameras.

But unfortunately, they have their limits. Smartphones don’t have better control over the picture like the Digital Cameras usually have. And that’s the reason why the professionals undoubtedly choose the Digital Cameras.

So, its time to introduce you the best Starter budget DSLR Camera that you can lay your hands on.

Canon EOS 1500D

> Usually known as the “Entry Level DSLR”.
> Officially launched on March 2018.

Highlights of Canon EOS 1500D

Canon eos 1500d

> Stunningly good looking body.
> The successor of Canon EOS 1300D.
> Wi-Fi / NFC Connectivity.
> DIGIC 4+ Image Processor.
> 9 points Auto-Focus with 1 Center Cross-type AF points.
> Standard ISO 100-6400 [Expandable up to 12,300].
> Fine resolution equipped with 24.1 MP.
> Lens 18-55mm, 55-250mm.

Design of EOS 1500D 

Look :

> Firstly, it’s a fine looking piece of gadget in hand that makes the beginners look like professionals.

View Finder :

> It has an Eye-level pentamirror optical View Finder for an authentic DSLR Shooting Experience.

Convenience :

> It has the large grip pad that enables to get a firm, sturdy grip on the Camera.
> Can be handled with a single hand.

Canon eos 1500d display

Display And Buttons :

> It is equipped with 3.0 inch LCD full HD screen [Non-Touchscreen].
The buttons are quite easy to understand.

Flash :

> It has a pop-up flash with the option of connecting an external flash too.

Weight :

> With all these, it weighs just 427 gms including the battery and SD Card [body only] and it weighs 475 gms with 18-55mm lens.
> Overall the design is flexible and good to handle.

Features and Specifications

Canon EOS 1500D has these features to make it True Canon EOS 1500D.

Picture Resolution – 24.1 Megapixel

> It comes with large 24.1 MP, APS-C size CMOS sensor to capture the picture perfect shots.
> ‘DIGIC 4+ Image processor’ enhances the detailed picture clarity that wouldn’t wanna be missed.

Canon camera features

Connectivity – WIFI / NFC Supported

> Where you get a chance to upload the shots you have captured directly to the Social Media.
> 1500D can be connected to Smartphones Wi-Fi printers, connect stations. You can even carry out remote shooting which would be great for Self Portraits (or) Group Pictures.

Digital Storage Capacity [upto 64GB]

> But 16GB Card will be given within the Box can store up to 3500 pictures.

View Finder

> 1500D is equipped with ‘Eye-Level Penta-mirror. Viewfinder for authentic DSLR shooting experience [Can capture the shot either using the View Finder or the Display Screen].

APS-C Sensor [22X15 mm]

> It’s very small, approximately equivalent size to view Range Finder.
> It’s important to reduce the blurriness. But has a little less Noise Performance.

Shutter Speed [1/4000 second]

> It is important to capture your desired shot in your desired point while it’s moving [Faster the shutter speed better the desired point image]. So 1/4000 second is way more than satisfying.
> You get a perfect picture even if an object is moving very fast [But slow shutter speed can be used to show fast blurry moments. Eg: Cars at night in the City].

Capturing best shots on canon

Burst Mode / Continuous Shots – 3 FPS

> It’s like you can capture 3 moments of what you do in a second. But 3 ‘Frames Per Second’ is a little less for its reputation.

ISO of 1500D – 100-6400 [Expandable up to 12,800]

> This feature is a key factor for perfect pictures in low light. It enhances the ‘Light and Visibility’ of the shot in Low light.

Auto-Focus – 9AF Points

> These 9 Auto Focus points with one Center Cross-type AF point helps to focus on the object perfectly that you are trying to focus.

Performance of Canon EOS 1500D

Canon EOS 1500D, the successor of 1300D is really a success in performance.

Canon camera buttons

> The buttons are quite good and easy to understand for a beginner [Not so Complex].
> You get your desired shot of moments with the availability so diverse functions and features. However, Burst Mode is a little disappointing as it could have been better (or) more.

Video Recording

> It is done for 1080p at 30ps.
> Slow motion video recording is available.
> It has a time limit of 4-5 hrs of continuous recording.
> Any video editing software can be used to edit the video taken from EOS 1500D.

Overall, the functionality is very good.

Battery Life – 4-5 hrs

On Continuous Use.

Pros and Cons of Canon EOS 1500D

Canon sturdy look

Pros :

> Manual stabilization of the Lens is quite Comfortable to handle.
> Videos can be edited with any editing Software.
> The Camera is Compatible with all Canon Lenses.
> Easy to carry and operate.
> Storage Card Slot is in the Battery Compartment [Easy to access].

Cons :

> Burst mode is a bit disappointing.
> It’s not water-proof. That’s it and not much that I could point at.
> Canon EOS 1500D isn’t really complete without the lenses.
> It’s basically provided with 2 different lenses with it.
1. 18-55mm lens.
2. 55-250mm lens.

Rating for Canon EOS 1500D [out of 10]

8.5 Rating…

Click on the price to buy Canon EOS 1500D SLR Camera

Canon EOS 1500D + 18-55mm Lens

₹37,995.00    26,347.00
$536.61    $372.11

Canon EOS 1500D + 18-55mm + 55-250mm Lens

₹46,995.00    35,022.00
$660.00    $491.85

Most of the Professional Photographer definitely recommended ‘Canon EOS 1500D’ for the beginners.

Hence its called as ‘Entry Level DSLR’. Hope you capture your beautiful moments with ‘Canon EOS 1500D’.



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