‘DJI Drone’ Future Of Photography Is Here :


If you are obsessed with capturing the moments and still using your same old phone and cameras to do that.

Well… you are still old school… My friend.

You know… because there’s a new toy in the store that takes Photography to a whole new level.

‘Drone, The Future Tech of today’s Marvel’


Oh… and don’t be alarmed because I’m not talking about ‘The Global Hawk’ Drone used by the armed forces.

Not that…

But the Drone that makes our moment the happiest moment. 

‘The Selfie Drone’

No more worries to get the impossible shots… anymore.

‘SELFIE’ DRONIE is now the trending craze in town. Nowadays you can see the coverage from supercool ‘Drone’ in almost every best moment.

Proposal, Marriage, Birthday, Parties you name it…

It’s because they can capture the shots that are impossible to take from the normal cameras.

I call these the ‘Bird View Shots’. And the reason is they can get the shots that you had only dreamt of.

Birds eye view

Like, the picture of a nesting Bird high up in the tree, Selfies from extreme high Points, Picture of the wild animals up close without disturbing them.

Birds eye view 1

It’s like you being there in the right place at the right time without really being there.

How do you think the extreme scenes from the famous movies like Skyfall, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter are shot. No movie is complete without a Drone captured scene these days…

Just imagine the shots you can cover without even being there. Shots that ever never before taken like from you.

You can cover the places that your eyes failed to. 

‘Bird View Shot’

With all these big benefits, their size is relatively cute and small. You know you can actually fit most of them in your pocket. They are portable and can be carried where ever you travel.

Dji pocket drone

With all these brushup, let me introduce you to one of the best Selfie Drone today.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

I give you ‘DJI Mavic Pro’…

Dji mavic pro drone

It’s one of the top performing Drone in town with its user-friendly diverse features.

Check out some cool stuff of ‘DJI Mavic Pro’.

> Mavic Pro can shoot smooth 4K video with its comparatively small size Cam [12 MP].
> It can fly a non-stop 27 minutes in a Single Charge.
> It can reach a max altitude of 122m [That’s way too satisfying for a Selfie Drone].
> Mavic Pro’s maximum flight distance range is a whooping 7kms [that’s a big territory compared to its size].
> In Sports Mode, it can reach a max speed of 40mph [65 km/h] [It’s like ‘Bolt’ of Drone category].

Dji mavic pro in hand

> It has an excellent stability in air.
> Mavic Pro is equipped with the latest tech ‘Obstacle Sensor’ to avoid collision with objects when in the air.
> And the really cool thing about it is ‘Mavic Pro’ can be controlled with ‘Hand Gestures’ without its Remote Controller.
> And its special RTH [Return to Home] mode enables it to automatically come back to the place where it took off when it’s low Battery or any danger altered.
> You know with all these it weighs just 743 gms [Like I said its easy and portable to carry].
> You can track your drone with GPS and GLONASS system from your handheld device.

I think these features are enough to make you crave for ‘DJI Mavic Pro’. And if you aren’t satisfied check out the features and specifications in detail.

Cam :

DJI Mavic Pro is mounted with the latest and very Stabilized 12.3 MP Camera with 3-axis Gimbal Stability, that’s specifically designed to Capture smooth 4K videos and Photograph.

Dji mavic pro camera

It can record a 4K video at 30FPS without shaking like in a standstill mode in air.

The resolution of the Cam can be Completely Controlled through the Controller in hand linked to the Mobile or the Tab.

12 MP Super Cam is equipped with :

> Angular Rotation.
> ISO Control.
> Shutter Speed Control.
> Photo mode control [Day and Night Mode].
> Auto-focus.

Battery Life :

With its compact Lithium-ion battery [3830 mAh], it can sustain 27 minutes flight in a single charge that’s 2X longer than the usual Drones.

> It takes 1hr to charge the Drone.
> Its Controller takes 2hrs to get fully charged.

Altitude Range :

Its smooth aerodynamic design enables it to steady Climb a max altitude of 122m without disturbance.

And when it comes to the distance it reaches a max. Controlled flight range of up to 7kms [That’s satisfying long compared to its size].

Dji mavic pro flight range

When in ‘Sports Mode’, it reaches the max speed of up to 40mph [65 km/h] [It’s like ‘Bolt’ of the Drones] [But this mode drains the battery].

Stability :

Mavic Pro has an excellent stability in air. It does not shake a bit when hovering in air [It’s one of the best key features of Mavic Pro]

Obstacle Sensor :

This feature makes it to stand out of the Crowd. It’s highly accurate. 

Dji mavic pro obstacle sensor

It has 5 sensor cameras, GPS and GLONASS [Russian tracking system]. 2 Ultrasonic range finders, Redundant sensors, and 24 powerful Computing cores to make it one of the intelligent Auto-Drones for Obstacle Sensing. If the Drone detects an obstacle it automatically slows to a halt.

Backward Flying Mode :

This feature helps to record anything that’s moving forward as the drone moves backward with Camera facing the moving object.

Hand Gesture Control :

This feature is the most loved by Tech Savys.

You can actually command Mavic Pro just with your bare hand gestures [isn’t that cool].

Dji mavic hand gestures

And it will even follow you wherever you go [Kind of a Tech Pet].

RTH Mode :

This mode is to ensure the safety of the Drone RTH [Return To Home] mode helps the Drone to get back to the place where it took off. If the battery is low (or) sensed any other danger by the Drone.

Controller :

It’s the main part of the Drone to control it. It is a handheld device which needs to be connected to your phone or the Tab.

Dji mavic pro controller

Everything that’s being recorded in the Drone is transmitted to your Device through the newly [OTS] developed ‘Ocusyne Transmission System’ (or) Wi-fi.

But OTS performs better than Wi-fi. And the total configuration of the Drone is controlled by it. Easy to control.

Weight :

With all these exciting features. The Drone weighs just 743 gm which makes it easier and Portable to Carry wherever you go.

If you are traveling ‘DJI Mavic Pro’ is a must-pack thing with you. Because the world out there is waiting for you to see the beauty of it.

And the ‘Mavic Pro’ provides you the third Eye to do just that, ‘The Bird View’.


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