DJI Osmo Pocket – World’s Smallest Gimbal Stabilized 4K Camera :

As the world is advancing faster and faster every day. Technology is exponentially growing bigger and better.

Name one thing that technology hasn’t laid its hand on…?

It has reached every corner of the map known to mankind [Covering from outer space to the deepest point on Earth]

And that tech has just got better which you can lay your hands on.

DJI Osmo Pocket

> One and only one of it’s kind.
> The trophy of next-gen gadget that fits right in your pocket.
> It looks like a gadget brought straight out of Tony Stark’s personal collection.

Dji osmo pocket

As cool as it looks, DJI Osmo Pocket packs some serious next level tech stuff. It is here to revolutionize the way of capturing moments.

It is a compact super stabilized smart sense camera that’s designed to fit in every moment.

You know, ‘DJI’ never stopped mesmerizing me.

DJI Osmo Pocket when combined with the super performance of ‘DJI Mavic Pro’ drone you will definitely get the ‘movie like magical shots’ way more better than you ever wanted.

Check out the cool performance and features of DJI Mavic Pro.

Fun Fact : DJI Osmo Pocket is the world’s smallest Gimbal Axis Stabilization Camera that fits in your Pocket.

It’s so easy to handle unlike the large Mobile (or) SLR Cam Stabilizers which feels like holding a big D*** in hand [D = Drumstick]

Osmo Pocket is built for a single hand handling with ease.

All your limitless imagination can be captured with this simple portable and lightweight Gadget that gives you a hazel free Cinematic Experience.

Recording in dji osmo pocket

Well, I can say it’s your personal camera crew. As you can take it wherever you wish to go. Hiking, Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping, Partying… you name it.

And this is what makes the DJI Osmo Pocket only one of its kind.

Check it out…

Design :

> Sturdy and cool.

Battery :

> 980 mAh [Lithium-polymer]
> Record 4K video upto 60FPS for 2hrs / Record 1080p video upto 120FPS for 140min.

Camera :

> Stable 12 MP Cam. 
> 94° FOV 26mm Lens.
> 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor.
> 3.5m Focus.
> 8s-1/8000s – Shutter Speed.
> Auto-focus.

Stability :

> 3 Axis Gimbal Stability [Excellent]

Cool Features :

> First Person View [FPV] Mode.
> Face Track Mode.
> Active Track Mode.
> Time Lapse Mode.
> 3/3 Panorama Mode.
> Night Shot.

Flash Storage :

> 256 GB [Giga bytes].

Weight :

> 201 grams.

[+ Waterproof case for underwater filming]

And these details of Osmo Pocket made me to recommend it as a must buy ‘Piece of Tech’.

Design :

Dji Osmo Pocket is designed for easy, single hand handling with its Sturdy, simple classic look.

Dji osmo pocket design

> It’ll make you say goodbye to your tripod.
> It comes with a handle which is the size of a chocolate bar. It fits your palm with an easy grip to hold.
> The ‘touch display’ on the handle resembles the size of a post stamp. The video gets displayed on it while recording.

Battery :

It has 980 mAh Compact Lithium – Polymer [Li-Po] Battery.

> Takes 1hr to fully Charge.
> Can record 4K video up to 60FPS for 2hrs (or) 1080p video up to 120FPS for 140 mins.

Camera :

Dji Osmo Pocket is equipped with a stable 12 MP camera.

Dji osmo camera

But what makes it special is its tiny supercool 94° FOV 26mm lens [Its one of the main reason for a smooth 4K shots].

> And its equipped with 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor.
> It’s electronic Shutter Speed is 8s-1/8000s.
> Auto, Slow Motion video recording is cool and satisfying.

Video Resolution :

> 4K Ultra HD : 2840 X 2160
24/25/30/48/50/60 FPS
> FHD : 1920 X 1080
24/25/30/48/50/60/120 FPS

[Records under any of the given (FPS) Frames Per Second]

Stability :

> The stabilization of the cam is huge for such a tiny piece of tech with its cool 3 Axis Gimbal Stability. I give it a 10.

FPV [First Person Track] Mode :

First person track mode

> Captures from your action perspective dynamic shots with its Gimbal Orientation. Effective for Fast Moving Shots.

Face Track Mode :

> Like I said, it’s your own camera crew with the Versatile extension of the handle [just like a selfie stick].
> In this mode, it keeps a track on your face while you cover your surroundings [so cool, as there’s no need for the second person to hold it and follow you where ever you go].

Active Track Mode :

Active track mode

> In this cool mode, if you just tap on the focused subject, the camera automatically follows its every move.

Time Lapse Mode :

> It just squeezes a beautiful day in a single shot. It makes the hours look like seconds with a dramatic effect that’ll make you go crazy for the shot.

3/3 Panorama :

> In this mode, the cam automatically captures the 9 different angles and merges it into a beautiful masterpiece.

Audio :

> As with all microphones, if you are using in windy Environment it’s not so good. But can be enhanced by plugging in external Audio Adapter.

Compatible Audio Devices :

> Sennheiser MKE400
> Sony ECM DS 70p
> Sony Video Mic Pro
> Sony Video Micro
> Mymyk Smart Myk
> DED DV-889

DJI Mimo Application :

> It’s specifically designed to enhance the quality of Smooth 4K videos captured in ‘DJI Osmo Pocket’.

Dji mimo app for dji osmo

> When you connect the DJI Osmo Pocket to your ‘Mobile Phone’. DJI Mimo App is a must to operate it with ease. In fact, with the DJI Mimo App, your creativity is expanded to infinity.
> The Mimo App gives you a diverse chance to enhance the beauty the captured moments.
> The ‘Story Mode’ creates a magic moment with a numerous variety of templates with the best movie like music in it.

Buy your ‘DJI Osmo Pocket’ by clicking on the price

1. DJI Osmo Pocket CP.ZM.00000097.01 Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Integrated Camera (Black)

₹33,999.00    32,999.00
$478.56    $464.48

2. DJI OSMO Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Integrated Camera, Attachable to Smartphone, Android, iPhone

₹59,999.00    36,250.00
$844.52    $510.24

All these make ‘DJI Osmo Pocket’ a must-have gadget. Especially during Travelling, because it makes traveling a brand new experience when you roll with DJI Osmo Pocket.

And believe me, you are gonna be promoted as a next Gen Tech geek if you own it.


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