World’s Unique Travel University “Our World” :

Yes ‘Our World’ is the only best travel University you can find.

It’s not the Cambridge (or) Oxford (or) the Harvard but our one and only beautiful world.

“Our World” the travel University has 3 different streams if you must know
‘Aqua tourism’
‘Aerial tourism’
‘Land tourism’

You can choose any of them, no compulsion guys… alright? It’s your choice…

Or you can choose all of them. And I’d appreciate it if you do that.

You know, because we humans are the only species who have these ‘Options’ to travel in and here’s how… you can’t make a fish to travel on land (or) a deer to travel in water (or) a whale in the sky.

But ‘we’ can choose to travel in whichever we would like to…

We can cruise in a fancy Cruiser on water (or) Fly in a Boeing 747 Dreamliner (or) you can just simply walk on land.

It’s all your’s to choose. Isn’t that a Gift worth unwrapping…?

But let me tell you this…

Even though, we are blessed with all these, we can’t even pose a serious challenge to these super travelers of our world.

‘Turtles’ these amazing swimmers are born for adventure. Their journey starts as soon as they are out of their shells with a massive hope and adventurous spirit in their tiny heart. They swim thousands of miles in their lifetime and I think you haven’t even swam a complete lap in your own pool.

And coming on to air, Do you have any idea how much an Arctic Tern’ travels annually….? it’s around 70,000 kms. It’s the distance they cover in a year where I might take 2 lifetimes to cover.

And at last land, Our most familiar zone. You know zebras’ literally walk, just walk 600 kms every year. Let me ask you this… did you ever walk at least to your nearest restaurant.

Yeah… I guess so…

Just imagine how great and adventurous their stories would have been if they could just tell us about it.

You see… what I’m trying to tell you is Our “Travel University” is so big that each and every soul can join. You must be wondering if I’m crazy to say this.

But if you get to know what just traveling the world can give you. I bet you are gonna be the world’s best traveler.

Traveling isn’t just traveling when you love it. It’s a complete package of damn Adventure, Beauty, Curiosity, Culture, Excitement, Peace of Mind, Raw Fun, Style and most important of all “Wisdom”.

Let me tell you one thing…

In your ‘Book of life’, travel is a very important chapter which you can’t miss to write about.

And if you miss it by any chance, you are gonna miss the most memorable and precious part of your life.

You might miss the friends, you would have made. You might miss the best fun part of your life. You might miss the damn cool adventure that was awaiting you.

You might miss the chance to meet new people, you might miss the Wisdom, you might miss the chance to see the most beautiful thing your eyes could feast on… ‘Have you ever gazed upon the Beautiful setting sun from the peak of the mountain as the cool breeze trying to kiss your cheeks’.

And most important of all you would miss the most precious memories to talk about when you grow old and sit with your old pals to share your talks about days of fun you had with a nice beer in hand.

What will you talk about…? When you did not have a single journey worth talking… huh…

What are you gonna say when your children (or) grandchildren ask you curiously about your days of adventures (or) fun. Are you gonna say, ‘No honey, but I once went to Church’, does it feel adventurous (or) fun (or) anything else…? I don’t think so.

Oh… and I bet your children would think even worse, they might think that ‘a dog on the corner of the street is a better traveler than you were’.

You see… the world is big enough to give each and every living soul a story of it’s own to talk about and live for.

Now I don’t want you to travel just for the sake of giving a great story to your listeners. But travel to get what all you are missing in your life.

‘Don’t search for the great story, but be one’.

And to join the travel University, you need to have good grade. And that good grade is your ‘Spirit’ to travel. It’s an important quality to join, nothing else matters the most. And nothing can stop you except the airport security if you don’t have a passport with you.

Let me tell you one last thing, if you are wondering that it’s too early to travel (or) it’s too late to start.

Age is just a number. Anybody can travel at any point of age [Although… toddlers and kids can’t travel on their own].

But hey… I’m talking about you, you can travel the world whenever you feel it’s the right time.

And I think your right time was 2yrs ago and the 2nd right time is today.

Just do the 3-P’s.

Plan it, Pick it [your destination], Pack it [your clothes] and board it. [Whatever means of transport you are using].

Just travel to make your good life the best life. I believe a great part of your life still awaits you.

The complete Cocktail of all these things makes our world the best travel University like no other.

Just Travel… Traveler…

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Sumanth · November 20, 2018 at 10:11 pm

super way of attracting and inspiring the reader, to know the importance of traveling, and the fact which u mentioned above really amazed me, and it’s a super attempt.

    TRAVELIKE PRO · November 21, 2018 at 7:43 am

    Thank you… Sumanth…

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